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Vintage North Vancouver
This 1957 Vancouver bungalow was renovated to accommodate the needs of the homeowner’s major health problems as a result of work-related environmental pollutants. With the issue of considerable evidence of mould and pollutants throughout the home, the house was stripped to the framing and given a structural upgrade which included air sealing.

A second storey addition was added. Using R-2000 Standard technical requirements as a guide; the house was blanketed with batt and rigid insulation (R20), a combined system of domestic hot water was installed as was a space heating and continuous distributed ventilation including a high-efficiency bag filter, installation of high-performance vinyl windows (Low E/argon gas) and finish materials with low emissions were selected.

The existing carpeting was removed and floors were refinished with hardwood. This re-use of existing housing stock demonstrates efficient land use, minimization of landfill, and retention of the neighbourhood character.

Energuide for Housing Rating: before -65, after -80. Hot - 2000 computer analysis: renovated house is 16% more energy efficient than required by the R-2000 standard. And most importantly, the homeowner has a comfortable 'renewed' home.